curated by Angela Valella

September 27, 7-11 pm
Aluna Art Foundation

This exhibition includes a composition of works created by the curators, gallery owners, art dealers, collectors and artists: Moises Aragon, Nestor Arenas, Eddie Arroyo, Ray Azcuy, Paco Barragan, Janet Batet, Hunter Braithwhite, Ana Carballosa, Paul Cauchi, Rafael DiazCasas, Aleli Egues, Liz Ferrer, George Fishman, AdrienneRose Gionta, Mauricio Gonzalez, Felice Grodin, Adriana Herrera, Jose Iraola, Carol Jazzar, Phillip Karp, Roc Laseca, Eric Martinez, Dennys Matos, Jeremy Mikolajczak, Roberto Montes de Oca, Steve Moser, Dr. Arturo F. Mosquera, Bernaldo Olmos, Eligio & Kizzy Omni, Amanda Sanfilippo, Arnaldo Simon, Marisabella Telleria, Noel Valdes, Marivi Veliz, Cristina Villamil, Alejandra Von Hartz, and Ramon Williams.

It’s better to be an art object than to be an artist,
better to be an art object than to be a curator,
better to be a curator than to be an artist,
better to be an artist than to be a curator.

Why curators want to become artists?
Because they think is a cool idea.

Thierry De Duve on the Rise of the Art in General System, states, "society bestows honors on certain human activities and not on others, and there is not society on earth (so far) that does not salute art and artists with mark of honor."

It is possible that to seem-it is to be,
As the sun is something seeming and it is.
The sun is an example. What it seems
It is and in such seeming all things are.

- Wallace Stevens, Description Without Place

Drawing - Paco Barragán

Partial view

Performance - Moisés Aragón
Partial view

Text - Roc Laseca