Loló Soldevilla, Untitled-Construction, 1956, Mixed media on canvas 
curated by Angela Valella

Friday, April 13, 2012
801 SW 3 Ave, Miami FL 33130

Featuring artists: Bhakti Baxter, Loriel Beltrán, Consuelo Castañeda, Christopher Culver, Adler Guerrier, A.G.Viva, Stephanie Lupu, Alonso Mateo, Ernesto Oroza, Carlos Rigau, Adrián Soca, Loló Soldevilla, Misael Soto, Gladys Triana, and Marcos Valella

Now objects perceive me - Paul Klee

The exhibition departs from Untitled-Construction, a 1956 mixed media painting on canvas. The non-figurative, concrete painting by Lolo Soldevilla will be on loan from a collector for the exhibition. Each of the fourteen participating artists were made aware of the painting as the exhibition’s origin at the inception of the curatorial process. The relevance of the dialogue and how it may affect the present rather than how it has affected the past is at stake.By overcoming the tension between process-based production and by asking artists to respond to a specific work in a conditioned manner Restage proposes to relate art practices as a form of social dynamics.

Restage examines how it might be possible to introduce transformative elements that challenge the notion of a fixed or definitive artwork grounded on one location. It explores the possibility of a dynamic exhibition environment by including artworks from various artists mapping different positions.

Partial views
Adler Guerrier - Mixed media
Chris Culver - Mixed media
Marcos Valella - Oil on canvas
Domino Table by Ernesto Oroza

Performance - Misael Soto